9 Videos That Will Definitely Make You Believe That Marketing Is a True Art

Video content plays an increasingly important role in online marketing as a larger and larger portion of world population gain access to broadband Internet. It is only natural – video is effectively the easiest medium to consume, and in the years to come we are going to see more and more online advertising campaigns actively using it. In this article, we will cover some videos that use visual imagery to outstanding effect – each in its own way, showing that everybody can attract attention to one’s product, irrespectively of the budget and video editing acumen.

1.    Dollar Shave Club

You may like or dislike Dollar Shave Club for their products, but one thing is for sure – the video that jumpstarted their initial marketing campaign is almost a textbook example of how you can make a most trivial thing viral with virtually a zero budget. Their video is intentionally cheap-looking, silly and absurd, but this absurdity and entertainment value is what earned it more than 23 million views.

2.    Dove

Dove often makes marketing videos that seemingly don’t have anything to do with their products, for example, this experiment aiming to tell you something about how women perceive their own looks. It doesn’t contain a single mention of the company name until the very end, where it appears almost as an afterthought – but the viewer is almost certain to view the video in its entirety because it is simply interesting to watch. And it is not a single occurrence – Dove regularly produces videos that are both advertisements and works of art.

3.    TNT

This video will persuade anybody that an ad doesn’t have to be boring, generic and forgettable. With almost 55 million views on YouTube, it is as much an ad as a masterfully staged scene from an action movie that can be watched over and over again. It proved to be so popular that the channel made a sequel – perhaps 15 million views isn’t as impressive a result, but it is certainly much more than most can hope for.

4.    GoPro

GoPro was one of the first brands to start utilizing user-generated content in their ads on a large scale. Usually associated with adventure and extreme sports, it usually follows along these lines in the content they use. However, GoPro isn’t afraid to show itself in unusual light – like in this video of a fireman saving a kitten from a fire. It doesn’t have anything usually characterizing a GoPro video – action, rapid movement or crazy stunts. It, however, has something else – emotion and a call for everyday heroism, making it possible to attract people outside their usual customer base.

5.    LG

Seeing is believing, and when advertising the lifelike quality of their new IPS monitors, LG made full use of this maxim. What can better demonstrate how realistic the image is than replacing an elevator floor with monitors and making it appear as if the floor is falling down? Only placing a monitor in a place where a window is supposed to be and subjecting hapless job interviewees to a vision of the city being levelled by a meteor.

6.    Sainsbury

The best ad is an ad that has value as something else than an ad – for example, if it is entertaining and cute enough to be watched over and over again independently, like this Sainsbury ad. It has little to do with the supermarket chain itself, concentrating instead on the image of Christmas and a well-loved children book character, a rotund cat Mog. In combination, it feels more like a comic short than an ad – and it is all the more memorable for it.

Marketing is getting more and more inventive as the technology develops – and both large corporations and small businesses can use video in their campaigns with equally outstanding results.

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