App Marketing through Social Media: 5 Tips on How to Do It Right

The entrepreneurs, whose startups are based on web apps development, know the value of proper promotion. Social media are a powerful tool in app marketing, however, some businessmen still underestimate it and neglect the possibility to use social network channels fully. There are several useful tips you should consider if you would like to get the highest effect from your app marketing strategy on social media.

Tip #1: Direct Connection

Simply creating a public page on Facebook or an account on Twitter won’t work. Of course, it is necessary to have such a page, but it would benefit you more if you provided your clients with an opportunity to share their results through social media directly from the app. Facebook is a priority – it is easier to engage your users on this platform, on the other hand, it would be wise to find out which social media is favored by your target audience and connect your app to it as well.

Tip #2: Offer Reward

The best way to get your clients to “like” your page on social media is to reward them with something. If you develop game apps, it’s easier than anything – offer them special features in the game, more levels, extra lives. If you are focused on educational or business apps development, you could provide practical bonuses – more information, for example.


Tip #3: More Posts, More Information

You can encourage your customers to share their results via social media, but in order to make them visit your public page regularly you need to give them something to enjoy. Relevant information about updates is good, but making use of storytelling and providing your clients with quests and fun facts, based on the topic of your app, is even better.

Tip #4: Engage Them Socially

It is also very important to engage your customers in social media activities. Create surveys to get feedback and provide the users with the reports on the perfections you managed to perform due to their comments. Ask your clients to rate your app online, keep in touch with them and try to respond both to praises and complaints as soon as possible.

Tip #5: Every Voice Matters

Some entrepreneurs and marketers tend to strongly dislike all kinds of criticism about their apps. If you do a good job on engaging people, you won’t always get positive feedback from your clients. There will be negative comments and you have to be ready for that kind of thing. Do not delete them – at least, not the ones with worthwhile complaints. That will give you an opportunity to address these complaints properly and then answer to the comments, pointing out the work you’ve accomplished. Make use of every review you get.

Every app developer should use social media channels while promoting his product – it’s the easiest way to get people talking and sharing the results of their user experience. Use the tips and get your app the attention it deserves.


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