Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

Let Us Build Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

Here, at Luckyposting, we offer you more than just guest posting option. Our content creation service will provide you with a steady content marketing strategy and its most thorough implementation.

What Do We Offer?

As one of content marketing firms, Luckyposting is ready to offer you a wide range of services:

pen-ink@1.5xWe will write your content marketing strategy from scratch, which includes:


  1. Studying your business case to find out your vision of the strategy;
  2. Creating a business plan for content marketing (setting goals while considering the details of your own business plan and defining the messages you want us to deliver through the content);
  3. Defining target audience groups and dividing the content between them appropriately;
  4. Creating content maps;
  5. Shaping up final messages and creating a brand story through content;
  6. Choosing the channels for content delivery.


presentation-strategy@1.5xAs a digital content agency, we are able to provide you with different kinds of content (text, illustrations, infographics) for multiple channels of distribution


websiteWe will find the place to publish the content and
define the best timetable for publications


paper-report@1.5xWe will provide you with regular reports and update proposals, based on the results and new tendencies in content marketing


All in all, Luckyposting might go through the whole content marketing process with your company, helping you to gain recognition and respect both from the counterparts in your business industry and from your customers.

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Why Choose Us?

Best content marketing companies are those who do not only guarantee you strategic planning, but can also carry out the plan, until all of the main goals are reached. Luckyposting distinguishes itself from other content marketing firms by many special features, such as:

  • Content’s quality. If you order your content by us, be it articles, guest posts, social media content, illustrations or infographics, we can guarantee you prime quality.
  • There are various marketing strategies, but, since you applied to our content marketing agency, you will get exactly what you ask for. We provide you with SEO friendly texts, still, our number one priority is the quality of the content we provide. And if you entrust us with your content marketing strategy, you will find out that our priorities define our success.
  • Equal attention to strategy development and execution. Many web content writing services neglect the necessity of thorough development of the content marketing strategy. Luckyposting will build up a personal flawless strategy for you and explain the necessity of each step, before moving on to the actual execution of the plan.
  • Understanding that content marketing is more than just one campaign. We know, how to set appropriate goals and how to reach them, and we launch separate content marketing campaigns for them. Content marketing is a process, not a one-time action.

Why Does Your Brand Need Content Marketing?

All start-ups and businesses have name. Only some of these names become brands. We will make you a brand through content marketing, and there are strong reasons of why this marketing strategy is absolutely crucial for the task:

  • Content marketing will get you recognition. It’s more than raising sales. It means getting your customers (including potential customers) to know you and to like you.
  • It will give your brand a story. Or a symbol. Or a hero. Or everything at the same time. Unless you start your own business niche, your products and services are just another services and products. With the help of content marketing, they will become one of a kind.
  • It works. Providing your customers with most qualitative and up to date information in your sphere of expertise, giving them fresh and curious facts, clear infographics and relevant images will get you attention and fame. Especially if you leave the task of the creation of this content to professionals like us.

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