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Content Marketing Strategy and Planning Services

Luckyposting is a content marketing agency that both deals with the creation of content and its promotion. If you were looking for someone to define your content marketing strategy and to build up your content marketing plan, you got lucky.

 Content Marketing Strategy: Reasons of Importance

In fact, content marketing is one of the main subsections of general marketing strategy. Some entrepreneurs make a grave mistake by assuming that business can do without content marketing strategy, however, it’s a completely wrong point of view. Content marketing strategy is important, because:

  • It allows you to engage your target audience with the help of the qualitative content. If you develop it in a right way, you will be able to trigger profitable behavior in your customers.
  • Due to it content becomes a business asset, which you can manage appropriately.
  • Content strategy gives you a possibility to prove to your client one more time that your company is a reliable one and that you only provide qualitative services/products. By offering him interesting and relevant content of high quality you will stand out among the competitors in your niche.


What We Offer

Our company offers you the development of your content marketing strategy and content planning as well. The beginners sometimes thing that planning and building a strategy is a same thing (which is wrong), so let us introduce you to our services. We offer you:

Creation of a content marketing strategy, which includes:

  • Studying your business case (to find out the reasons for the content creation, to figure out the risks and final goals);
  • Defining possible obstacles and opportunities;
  • Finding unique value you want to provide through the content;
  • Creating content maps for different target audiences (distributing the content according to the needs and interests of each audience so that it would surround your customers and encourage their profitable behavior);
  • Developing your brand story (creating a story of your company, something behind the label that will attract attention of your customers);
  • Creating a social media marketing plan (defining the platforms you are going to use for content marketing strategy execution; creating a content plan for each of them and defining the general message and style for the content on all channels);
  • Figuring out the points of the plan that might get updated during the execution of the strategy.

Content marketing planning, which includes:

  • Defining the short-term and long-term goals;
  • Creating the main message of your content marketing strategy;
  • Choosing your target audiences and altering the main message appropriately for each audience;
  • Deciding on which types of content you are going to make use of (website content or social media posts; text, illustrations or infographics);
  • Content publication and content analytics (including competitor analysis);
  • Content execution plan (timing and priorities);
  • Plan B (in this section we will provide you with possible alternatives of the original plan).


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 Why Us

You can entrust our agency with all types of content marketing services. Of course, there are many other companies that occupy themselves with  content marketing, however, our team can offer you several reasons of why you should stick with Luckyposting:

  • Personal content marketing strategy. No general schemes, we will bear in mind the specifics of your website and business field and offer you the most useful and relevant options of strategies, built up for your case exclusively.
  • Speed and quality. Our company will accomplish every your order on time and provide you with the high quality results.
  • Variety of options. Luckyposting works both on content creation and content promotion. You can order a content marketing strategy or a plan, built on existing content marketing strategy you created on your own – and we will fulfill your order. Whether you want your whole strategy accomplished by us or just parts of it (website content planning, for example), Luckyposting will perform the necessary task and achieve the desired results.

When it comes to business marketing strategies and content planning, the best possible solution for entrepreneurs is to get help from professionals.

So don’t waste your time and fill in the contact form below! Let us take care of your content market strategy and planning so that you would be able to see and reach proper goals!