Google Primer: Marketing for Newbies

There are countless mobile apps and games that allow us to throw our time straight into garbage bin. Meanwhile, it’s been a year since Google launched an app that could be of use both to beginning entrepreneurs and marketers. Google Primer offers marketing lessons to everyone who is willing to take them. Let’s figure out the main advantages of this app.

Free and Unique

Of course we all understand that Google wouldn’t simply develop such a useful app and offer it to the customers for free. Google Primer is perhaps the easiest and the most comfortable tool to make people acquainted with other Google’s services and products. However, when it comes to SEO and online promotion, what search engine marketers must deal with? At least for the USA and Western Europe the answer is Google. So, the fact that the app is available to everybody for free and that there are no worthy analogues on the market, makes Google Primer a unique product.


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Short Lessons

Entrepreneurs rarely have much time. Well, simple office workers don’t have that much time as well, so Google Primer, obviously having studied its target audience well enough, offers lessons that are five minutes long each. No need to find a particular gap in your timetable in order to educate yourself – all lessons are available offline, so you can study on your way to work, while drinking a cup of coffee or, well, whenever you have nothing to do for another five minutes.

google primer functions

Three Main Aspects Covered

Google Primer doesn’t limit itself with a particular marketing section. The app introducers the users to three main aspects that have to be taken into consideration when creating a marketing strategy: search advertising, content marketing and media aspect. Each aspect contains a certain quantity of lessons each of which consists of theory slides, case studies that are used for the display of the chosen topic, and, of course, there is a summary quiz in the end. The app also offers practice section for each lesson, so that the users could test their newly received skills and knowledge.

Simple as That

The app’s official website provides information that in order to create the course, Google found partners among best marketing professionals in the world. And it surely shows, because this app fits the beginners perfectly. Due to the fact that the lessons are rather short, there is only basic information concentrated in theory section – no text for the sake of text. The second distinctive feature is the absence of specific professional jargon – the information is written so that people, completely unfamiliar with the topic, could understand it without efforts. And, of course, the design is colorful and relatively simple – increases attention, but does not distract.

Availability and Updates

The app was originally made on iOS, but now it’s also available for the Android users. Though the Google Primer offers complete marketing course, the company notes that with each weeks there shall be updates – more and more lessons, fitting into one of three categories. So, it would be wise to synchronize the offline lessons with the new ones from time to time.

Google Primer might be a cunning marketing ploy itself, but this circumstance doesn’t make it any less useful for newbies in online entrepreneurship. This mobile app is a must for everyone who would like to get acquainted with the basics of marketing and also to get some practice in this sphere.  The lessons’ structure makes it easy to apply newly obtained knowledge to real business cases. So, if you need to develop the marketing strategy for your start-up on your own, perhaps, it’s time to get this app on your phone.

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