What Kinds of Posts Are Worth to Be Shared?

For the last 10 years scientists have been learning the nature of content virality, and they found out that users share emotional content more often than «flabby» publications.
To be shared by your target audience, this content must be funny, cool, exciting, amazing, etc. You can read what we have written before about content planning. It can vary so much you can’t even imagine. An old joke can become very popular if it appears in right time in a perfect place. So in a real life it doesn’t matter how you publish, but what you spread at social media.

Why users tend to share posts in social media

The New York Times have learned 2500 accounts of social media users, and discovered that people do it because they:
● want to tell others about interesting products;
● aspire to show the online community unusual things which are useful for them;
● need to find interlocutors, who have the same interests;
● adore to feel themselves a part of the world;
● support several ideas and want others to respect these minds too.

So here are the most popular reasons why users of social media ‘decorate’ own wall in Facebook with reposts. And it means online business can use such fancy. How? Just use the following types of viral content and be ready to gather the results of the advertising campaign.

social media

7 types of post, that are preferred for sharing:

➔ Announcement about various competitions, promotions, special offers, their details and conditions. This information is mostly prepared for the wide target audience. For instance, you can announce about competition, the main prize of which is a trip. This post can attract 90% of your audience.
➔ Tips and educational articles that help to solve important problems. People often wanted to know how to find a better job, improve a health, become richer, save money, establish relationships with beloved and so on. Help your audience to solve their problems, and you will get their loyalty.
➔ Warnings. Society is bothered about tomorrow although sometimes it seems people worry only about their selfie. The news about scams’ activity, cocky robberies and surprises of mother nature with recommendations how to avoid these troubles, have more chances to go viral than announce an exhibition.
➔ Funny posts. We all like laughing at a good joke. You can publish funny images, quotations, stories and anecdotes. Give visitors a portion of an excellent humour. Besides, kitties are still in demand.
➔ Motivational content. It can be the quotation of outstanding person, image and video, that inspire readers to believe in own will power. It will be adorable if your post stimulates somebody to lose weight, visit a new country or take a puppy from the animal shelter.
➔ Professional and related with hobby content. People often repost publications, which are close to their activities, interests and specialisation. That is why a newly-made mother shares with photos of the baby, the beginner in cooking with recipes, and policemen with curious cases of criminal detention.

Learn your audience, and you will know what kind of content they like. Go ahead, till someone did it for you!

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